We all love spending time with our furry friends, so wouldn’t it be great to get them involved in another love of our life, cycling?

Rather than simply tiring your pooch out so he’s not chewing up your slippers at night, cycling together is a great way to strengthen the bond between you. However, it’s important that we do this in a way that benefits our canine chums and not harm them. So read on for our little guide to safe cycling with man’s best friend. 
Knowing Their Limits

You need to what your dog’s limits are in terms of how fast they can go and how long they can go for. If it’s an older dog then you need to be careful you don’t tire them out, while plenty of water needs to be brought with you regardless of the dog.

It might depend on the breed too. Large breeds with breathing problems such as bulldogs shouldn’t be taken along, as well as short-legged pooches like sausage dogs. On the flipside, greyhounds are perfect from taking with you on a biking trip. They can run all day, and cycling with them is one of the easiest ways to burn their excess energy.

If you do want to bring your little friend with you, then you can always get a basket installed at the front of your bike, just stick to smoother terrain to avoid any accidents.

How To Do It

Cycling while juggling a leash is dangerous. Similarly, if you’ve wrapped the strap round the handlebar your dog could easily get you off balance with a sudden change of movement, for instance, if another dog is spotted on your route!

There are a range of options in the shops that reduce your dog’s ability to pull the rope and keep them a safe distance away from the bike.


If you don’t need to use cycling to keep your dog fit, then you can always get a trailer that attaches to the back of the bike. This will still connect you and your dog on your trips and they get to enjoy the outdoors rather than waiting patiently for you to come home.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little guide on dog cycling safety. If you’ve got any hints or tips then tell us in the comments!

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