Cycling gear is made with high quality fabrics which need certain care, something we need to think about when we finally get round to washing it!

In this post we’re going to give you a practical guide for washing your cycling clothes. Not only is this good for reasons of cleanliness, but taking good care of our garments will prevent wear and tear and let you get the most out of every piece of gear you have. Hope you enjoy! 


1. First things first: don’t let your dirty clothes sit in your bag for three days, let them get some air and take it out as soon as you’re home.

2. Next, and one of the most important tips, is to cold wash. Whether by hand or machine, always wash with cold water, and never exceed 30 degrees, since the material that makes up the gear can be damaged with hot water. And remember to wash with water, don’t dry clean your cycling clobber.

3. It might seem obvious, but remember you never have to use bleach. Using bleach can ruin the colour and eventually the material, so avoid at all costs. Give softeners a pass too.

4. Given what we’ve already mentioned, you should probably think about washing your cycling gear separately and when doing so turn it inside out.

5. With regard to the type of detergent to use, it is advisable to be as neutral as possible, and not apply any type of stain remover or remove specific fats.

6. For detergent, keep it as regular as you can, and don’t apply any kind of stain remover.

7. For drying, we recommend keeping it light and to avoid drying the gear directly in the sun, as this can deteriorate the colours.

8. Finally, once the clothes are washed and dry, you shouldn’t iron them. Because of the material, we need to put our gear straight in the cupboard without smoothing them out.

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