With the arrival of good weather and high temperatures, more fluid is going to be lost through sweating during high intensity resistance workouts, as is the case of cycling. In these conditions you should be consuming isotonic drinks, but what are they and what benefits do they bring? 


What are isotonic drinks?

Isotonic drinks are supplements intended for athletes and there are different types. You might need to mix the isotonic powder with water or they might be ready for consumption as they are.

Composed mainly of carbohydrates and mineral salts, they’re designed to cope with a high loss of liquids and electrolytes. The loss of liquids can lead to dehydration (which can have serious health consequences). But how can we detect the onset of dehydration? If we’re experiencing intense thirst, muscle cramps, general discomfort such as headaches or the feeling of fatigue and a lack of energy.

For these reasons you need to stay hydrated while cycling, especially with the increase in temperature over the coming months.

What do isotonic drinks do for us?

They hydrate, energise and aid in muscle recovery

When and how should they be consumed?

Isotonic drinks are needed if you’re exercising between 80-90 minutes at a high intensity. Bear in mind these tips for getting the most out of them:

Consume a little before you start working out.

Drink every 20-30 minutes, even if you’re not thirsty.

Consume in small quantities (approx. 100 ml).

Continue drinking after exercise to improve recovery.

It is important to be proactive and plan our workouts and routes correctly. Within this planning it is very important not to neglect hydration. Remember set out when you’re going to consume liquids whether isotonic drinks or just water. This will avoid or reduce the chances of suffering from fatigue and muscle cramps.

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