Sharing the road with motorbikes, cars, trucks and buses is something cyclists just have to deal with, and it doesn’t discourage us from using the roads to get through the city. However, it needs to be done safely. As long as you keep some things in mind, you can cycle through traffic with no problems, regardless of experience level.

Without further ado, here are our tips to make your traffic trips more comfortable and safe.

Little By Little

If you’re just starting out, then don’t go too crazy at first! You can start by using the bike one or two days a week, on those days when you know traffic is calmer and then increase the number of days at your own pace. That way, you can fine tune your skills behind the handlebar, build your conditioning and gain the confidence needed to make your journeys safer.

Try Different Things

Try different things to discover what makes you more comfortable during your trips: Use a backpack or a saddlebag to carry your things; pedal alone or with friends; wear loose or tight clothing until you know what makes you feel comfortable.

Plan Your Route

This point is very important for your comfort but especially your safety. Planning in advance your new route to work or school will let you cycle with certainty to your destination.

Use the means available to you to know and analyse all possible routes to your destination. Check out Google Maps or other similar applications.

Ask other cyclists who might know the best routes, what the peak hours of traffic are, if there are potholes to avoid and if there are shortcuts to cut down your journey time.

I hope these tips will useful to you and if you have any secrets of your own that might encourage more people to ride on the road, share them with us!

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